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1723 W. Lawndale Dr.

(210) 824-7351

Here at Unity of San Antonio, we:

  • Teach universal spiritual principles rather than religious dogma.
  • Know ourselves to be One with All That Is; we are growing in awareness of our Divine Identity.
  • Know Jesus as an enlightened guide, we embrace his teachings, and we emphasize his message of Oneness.
  • Also learn from other spiritual teachers of the ages.
  • Experience spiritual realization in meditation and prayer.
  • Serve others in the spirit of mutual benefit and Oneness.
  • Include everyone who sincerely desires to celebrate, study, and serve with us.

We are honored you have found us and want to support your spiritual pursuits.  Our church has facilitated the spiritual and personal growth of people since the early 1970’s. Our teachings aid you in discovering your Divine Identity. There are deep wells of knowledge and inner power you naturally possess. You may have never considered such a thing before; however, we know it’s your Truth. Discover your Divine Identity with us.

Our Core Values

Loving, Transforming, Empowering, Community, Welcoming .

Statement of Inclusivity

Unity Church of San Antonio is an inclusive spiritual community. We welcome, affirm, and uphold everyone, appreciating how the One Presence expresses in wondrous diversity. We welcome into the full life of our spiritual community persons of every ethnicity, language, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, economic status, occupation and faith background. We bless and honor all committed relationships and families, and welcome all who genuinely desire to celebrate, study, and serve with us.

Our Vision

As Divine Love, we envision a spiritually transformed, peaceful world.

Our Statement of Inspiration (Our Mission)

We dance in the Truth of who we are through Meditation, Study, and Service.

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